A Few of My Favorite Pins

Last week I pinned my 1,000th pin on Pinterest.  One thousand good teaching ideas!  I was afraid of the time-wasting potential of Pinterest when I joined about a year ago, but now, I am so thankful for all the good ideas I’ve found.  I am constantly saying to my colleagues, “I saw this idea on Pinterest over the weekend…” or “Look what I found on Pinterest…”   Here are a few of my favorites:

I’m drawn to these found poetry exercises:

I have three examples on my Teaching Poetry board.  As I work to clean out the book room at school, I’m setting aside old, falling apart books to use for this activity one day with an English class.

What a paper saver!

I just found this idea last week.  How often do I want to save time by giving students the questions, but feel guilty about wasting a whole sheet of paper for a few questions? This is the perfect solution!

Words of Wisdom

I appreciate the artful presentation of these deep thoughts posted on Pinterest.  Sometimes, a quick scan of these pins is all I need to remind myself of the significance of what we do everyday.  I also loved sharing these kinds of quotes with my students; if I were in a classroom every day, I think I’d find a way to include quotes like this in my daily PowerPoints.

If you want to join me as I collect my next thousand pins, follow me on Pinterest:

I promise, though, to keep sharing highlights here, too!

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