The resources available in my TeachersPayTeachers store are all created with the same sensibility you find in my blog–I try to share ideas and strategies that will make your classroom a better place for you and your students. I want kids to read, write, and think about what they learn. These lessons, activities, and strategies are all classroom tested. I hope you’ll find they make your job a little easier. Update: 10/24/2023 – some resources are now available for purchase on this blog at discounted rates–see the links below and check back often to see the new postings.

From My Classroom To Yours

Reading and Writing across the Curriculum

Help your students process their understanding through reading and writing.

American Literature

Explore these resources to help your students engage with classic American lit texts, including The Great Gatsby, The Crucible, “The Raven,” Emily Dickinson’s poetry, and Ben Franklin’s Autobiography.

Resources for Teaching Poetry

This collection includes resources for teaching specific poets/poems and the free questions that work with any poem (already downloaded over 17,000 times). The “Stop! in the name of Poetry” lesson is an excellent introduction to National Poetry Month.

One of my favorite lessons I ever created is this two-day activity with The Raven. It provides opportunities for all students to engage with the text, while improving their oral reading fluency and analysis skills. Purchase it here for half off the TpT price!

Vocabulary Games

Get the whole class involved in games that increase word-consciousness—no pre-teaching required! Each of these games helps students to recognize and internalize common Greek and Latin roots, opening up the doors to improved reading skills across the curriculum.

Independent Reading Support

These resources make it easy to allow student choice and still ensure students are a) reading and b) thinking about what they read! The Reading Strategy Exit Slips were my go-to assessment in my high school remedial reading classes–they helped me track individual progress and learn more about the YA books my students loved.