Julie’s Classroom Assistance

Last month, I walked out on one of those cold mornings and found my car had a flat tire. After a few minutes of panic, and then a few more minutes of shuffling stuff from car to car, we came up with a plan to get all of us where we needed to be with one car; we’d deal with the flat tire later.

That afternoon, after struggling to get the jack and other tools out of the trunk (we had to watch a You Tube video), referring to owner’s manuals, and jumping up and down on the wrench to get the lug nuts off (unsuccessfully), I remembered we had AAA. Fifteen minutes later, the mechanic was kicking our tools out of the way, and using his power tools and expertise to remove the nail and fix the tire, saving us hours of dirty, physical labor and even more emotional frustration.

What does that have to do with this blog? My job as the literacy coach at my high school is to help teachers, just like AAA helps motorists. Most of us teachers have the skills and strategies we need to get us from here to there, but sometimes we need a little help to fine-tune a lesson, a map from our essential question to our assessment, or a little inspiration to recharge our batteries. Through this blog, I want to provide teachers with their own version of AAA Roadside Assistance.

I’ve been collecting resources and ideas to share for a while, and now I’m ready to take the plunge and make a commitment to blogging. My goal is to provide short, informative posts to inspire and assist teachers of all secondary school classes, with an emphasis on reading and writing.  I’ll hope you’ll join me for ride!


4 thoughts on “Julie’s Classroom Assistance

  1. Hi Julie

    I like how you used the analogy of changing the tire, the AAA Roadside assistance and being a literacy coach.

    I’m also chuckling because I had a flat tyre, how we spell tire in Australia, earlier this month and I went through similar steps as yourself! Except I had let my membership expire and the price to sign up again for immediate road side assistance was insane. Fortunately my neighbour had tools that we could use to remove the nuts. Best part of it was my tyre was covered under some scheme which mean they fixed the leak for free.


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