My New Favorite Tech Tool

Have you heard of Symbaloo?  I just learned about it last week and don’t know how I lived without it.


It’s a web-based collection of your bookmarks so you can easily access your commonly used sites from anywhere.  I have two mixes so far–one for work and one for home.  It’s easy to switch back and forth between the two on a tab at the top of the webpage.  You can see from my screen shots above, that I’ve kind of grouped my links by their purpose, and that I’ve got a lot of space left to add more links.  I’ve set Symbaloo as my homepage on both my computers and have read that it works great on phones and tablets, but I haven’t tried out the app yet.

I’m sure I’ll discover more uses for it as I fill up those empty tiles, but in the meantime I wanted to share because I know too many of us spend so much time working from home.  Having a quick link to your school’s online gradebook or all of your favorite lesson plan sources might save a little precious time.

2 thoughts on “My New Favorite Tech Tool

  1. Looks great! I saw the Symbaloo Education tile and thought it looked interesting; you’ve shown me that it has a lot of potential I hadn’t even considered! The new web quest! I look forward to seeing your progress reports.

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