Pinning for the People

The first time I heard our new superintendent speak last summer, he told us that he felt there were only three groups of people who worked in schools: teachers, principals, and everyone else.  I, along with the superintendent, am part of the third group–everyone else–and our job, according to him, is to support the first two groups to help them do their jobs better.

One way I have found I can support teachers is through Pinterest!  Turning a guilty pleasure into a useful strategy is always a good thing, so here’s how I’ve been Pinning for the People:

  • As a literacy coach, I work with teachers in all content areas. Pinterest gives me a feel for what is going on in classrooms across the world and helps me to help my teachers when they are looking for a new way to approach an old topic.  I’m currently working with one teacher to incorporate QR codes into a lesson and exploring lap books and interactive notebooks with two others—all inspired by my Pinterest browsing.


  • I hope to build collections of related resources/ideas that will help teachers everywhere, similarly to the way I use Pinterest to help the teachers in my own building.  To make it easy for teachers to keep up with the topics that interest them, I’ve created “cover” images for each of my boards.  All you need to do is click on the cover image for the topic you want to explore—The Great Gatsby, math lessons, technology, etc.—and then pin that cover to your own Pinterest.  Each time you click on that cover image from your own Pinterest, it will take you to my board, including all of the most recent ideas I’ve discovered during my Pinterest explorations.  (Certainly, I’d love it if you followed my whole Pinterest, too!)
  • Although my Pinterest looks like it is all school-related, I promise I am not all-work and no-play.  I do some pinning for the other people in my life, including myself!   I have a set of secret boards—home decorating, soccer snacks, Christmas gifts, and recipes.  I love having places to collect good ideas that I may not need now, but will save me time later on.  I bought my brothers-in-law Christmas gifts that I had pinned months ago with them in mind.  I had forgotten all about this nifty little 12-tools-in-one gadget until I reviewed my Christmas board.  Gifts for Ray and Craig?—check!   When soccer season starts up again in a few weeks, I know I’m ready to volunteer and the kids will enjoy the Teddy Grahams S’mores and motivational bananas!

I have found that to be an effective Pinner and sharer-of-Pins, I have to spend some time reviewing the boards I have created. I’m amassing quite a collection (1,422 pins to date!) and it’s easy to forget some of those early pins. What good is a good idea if it is forgotten as soon as it is pinned?  Here are three pins that have inspired me so far in 2016:

Some great advice here to keep us going until spring break:



This is one of those great ideas that got lost in the shuffle…as we approach testing season, I think this FREE graphic organizer and handy mnemonic device will come in handy for a lot of teachers.

graphic organizer

And this is one of those elementary ideas that has a lot of potential for secondary classes, too.  I love pins like this that inspire me to try something creative with high school students.

independent reading strategy


Stay tuned for a few more highlights that might help make your job easier!

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