After reading a blog post about the benefits of reading a book a week, I decided to give it a try this school year.  I’ve got shelves full of professional books in my office–imagine how many good ideas are there, waiting to be rediscovered!  I’m starting, though, with a brand new book: Disrupting Thinking: Why […]

YA lit reminds us what it feels like to fall in or out of love for the first time, of trying to figure out who we are or where we belong.

The most common request I have received this year as a literacy coach is to cover a teacher’s class. Just kidding. That’s the second-most common request.   Seriously, the practice that most of the teachers at my school seek my help with is questioning–specifically, how to write questions for the informational text they are using […]

Improve the look of your handouts (and eliminate hours of future frustration) with one simple trick.

To be effective, our students must really understand the reasons we do what we do.

It is easy to facilitate, fun to play, and requires a cooperative effort–students have to work together to get the right answers.

Making the move to digital learning requires flexibility and creativity. Here are a couple of ideas that might make your job a little easier.

Unlike business leaders (and principals), teachers don’t get to choose who gets on our bus, and we can’t alter the destination, but we do have a lot of control over how we get there.

When teachers ask why I use PowerPoint to create documents, I have a very simple answer: It saves TIME!

Here are 10 mostly low-prep options to credit those who did the reading and give the others some insight into what they missed.