Every morning I get up a few hours before anyone else in my house. I use this quiet time to read, think, write, and drink coffee–it’s my time. It’s also a lonely time. Sometimes solitude is good, but other times I wish there was someone with whom to share the a-ha moments. Hence, I keep […]

“Focus on…what’s right instead of what’s wrong.”

How many of us have stacks upon stacks on our desks and almost every other flat surface in the classroom? Use this system to get the papers under control so you can get things done.

“Without continual growth and prgress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” –Benjamin Franklin

YA lit reminds us what it feels like to fall in or out of love for the first time, of trying to figure out who we are or where we belong.

We know how to pick our battles in the classroom, but do we remember to choose to focus our attention on the areas we can have have a positive impact outside our own spaces? We should! 

“If we could start recognizing good teachers and give them a little more energy, I think we could change the game of education.”

Resolve to share a poem a day (or every other day?) with your students.