No doubt about it–video is a powerful learning tool. Here are three quick tips to improve the quality of the YouTube videos you share with your students.

It is easy to facilitate, fun to play, and requires a cooperative effort–students have to work together to get the right answers.

When teachers ask why I use PowerPoint to create documents, I have a very simple answer: It saves TIME!

Working to prepare our students for upcoming writing assessments, we’re focused on teaching them to argue for or against an issue.  This is a shift from the old methods of teaching persuasion. Persuasion involves changing a reader’s (or listener’s) mind, attempting to convince him/her to feel a certain way.  In argument, the writer attempts to reveal […]

A few “tricks up your sleeve” to use for last-minute sub plans, a few spare minutes, or when the copy machine breaks.

Resolve to share a poem a day (or every other day?) with your students.

Last week I pinned my 1,000th pin on Pinterest.  One thousand good teaching ideas!  I was afraid of the time-wasting potential of Pinterest when I joined about a year ago, but now, I am so thankful for all the good ideas I’ve found.  I am constantly saying to my colleagues, “I saw this idea on Pinterest […]