It’s January, albeit the end of January.  Most people (whether they’ll admit it or not) thought about changing and improving with the new year.  It’s a natural inclination–probably spurred on by targeted advertising and social media.  Change–specifically positive change–is necessary for growth or progress. I’ve always appreciated that as teachers we have plenty of opportunities […]

To be effective, our students must really understand the reasons we do what we do.

We know how to pick our battles in the classroom, but do we remember to choose to focus our attention on the areas we can have have a positive impact outside our own spaces? We should! 

I think all teachers can pinpoint the teacher(s) in their past who helped them to become better teachers.  Usually when asked about my influences, I quickly recall the confidence-building enthusiasm Mrs. Miller showed for my writing, the gentle sarcasm as Miss Hughes showed me how to work that geometry problem again and again, and Coach Harlow’s tough love when she […]